From: Atascadero Printery Foundation

To: Media Outlets

For Immediate Release, 3-15-16:

The future of the historic Printery Building in Atascadero will be in question if the city does not protest a pending tax auction of the building by Friday, March 18. The Atascadero Printery Foundation, a nonprofit formed by concerned community members and dedicated to restore the Printery Building for community use, is asking citizens to contact the city council to persuade them to take such action. The Atascadero Printery was the first civic building in the city and at one point housed the largest photogravure printing press west of the Mississippi. Since then, the building has been used as a junior college, a sheriff ’s office, and a Masonic Lodge. Today, the building, which is under private ownership, sits dilapidated due to years of neglect. If the tax auction progresses and the building remains under private ownership, the community will have little say in its future. It may, in fact, continue to deteriorate due to the high costs involved in its restoration.

The Atascadero Printery Foundation seeks to take control of the building, restore it to its previous grandeur, and dedicate its use to projects that would benefit the community. This beautiful landmark will be made available for many uses with an emphasis on Arts, Education, History and meeting spaces for non-profit organizations. Plans include a comfortable theater space for live productions and musical events, large and small dining and meeting spaces, museum-type displays of the building and history of Atascadero, outdoor activity space with Santa Maria style barbecue accommodations, and possibly some office space, with priority consideration for nonprofit use.

The goal of the Foundation is to preserve the grounds for an open space where Atascadero community groups can meet and hold events, and to enhance the charm of the Sunken Gardens area. If plans for the theater are successful, Performing Arts groups can educate and inspire children and adults, and there will be plays and performances for Atascadero residents to enjoy, bringing more evening visitors to the downtown area, and enhancing the offerings of downtown Atascadero.

The Foundation is inviting the Atascadero community to help us express support for the project to the City of Atascadero. Your call for the restoration of this beautiful and iconic building can be sent through our Facebook page — “Atascadero Printery Foundation,” our website —, or by contacting members of the Atascadero City Council at

Please encourage City Council members to protest the tax sale and work constructively with the Foundation so the building can be secured and sealed properly immediately, then restored and opened for public use.

For more information contact Karen McNamara 459-5113,

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