Good afternoon, and Happy Mother’s Day from the Atascadero Printery Foundation. We regret to inform that we have competition for the Atascadero Printery Building.

This only adds to the potential cost of ultimate restoration of he building.

Unfortunately, the bidder is unknown to us, but it is not likely we are unknown to them. Our efforts to reclaim this building and preserve it for our community have not gone unrecognized by the media and our presence on the web is substantial.

Our hope is that the bidder will reach out to us at and tell us their intent so that we may avoid a true bidding war that will ultimately just cost the purchaser more valuable funds needed to restore the building for the future.

Along with millions of dollars in restoration, the property is encumbered by a federal lien to the tune $17.5 million which a portion will be added to the acquisition price.

Please honor us and our hard work by contacting us to discuss the details of your interest so we can avoid adding to the cost of an already outrageous bill for restoring the building to a useful facility.

Thank you,

Atascadero Printery Foundation
President Karen McNamara


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