The Atascadero Printery Foundation needs your help and skills for our volunteer family!  Use the form at the bottom to get in touch.  Our vision is to turn the historic Printery building into a multi use community center for Arts and Sciences.
  It’s going to be awesome!  With your help we will get it there that much faster. We have lots of opportunities for you to share and grow your strengths with us by volunteering.  You can even hop on our foundation board and get into the thick of our non profit.  It’s a great way to gain experience for your future.

Our Volunteer Needs:

  • Board Positions: We have three openings for gaining non-profit experience.
  • Fundraising Volunteers: Man booths and mingle at the many events we , mingle with the Atascadero community, take flyers to stores.
  • Tent City Marathon Volunteers: Sunday Mar. 25, 2018 is our fundraiser marathon.  Check out the info on this amazing Atascadero event here!  It’s much more than
  • On Site Volunteers: We have work days as we rehab the Printery building.  Sign up below to get our work dates emailed to you.
  • Skilled Laborers: We can use electricians, landscapers, plumbers, stone masons, architects, construction workers and others to bring the Printery back to life.
  • Writers and Artists: We could use grant writers and anyone that wants to write articles and make art for this website. We would love to promote your Atascadero art here too.
  • Planners and Designers: strategic planning is needed as this project is in its early stages.

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