Community Events

The Printery has always been part of the Atascadero community.

Atascadero Tent City 2019

Each year the Colony Days commitee celebrates the founding of Atascadero with a recreation of 1916 Atascadero. Atascadero Colony Days’ Tent City arose from an idea to bring Atascadero’s 1914-1916 Tent City period to life. The historic Tent City re-enactment is peopled with exhibitors from the community, each sharing part of the early Atascadero story.  Tent City grew from nine small tents and two large ones — showing residential camp life and a school and a land office — to a teeming little community that includes the Land Office, Ice Cream Parlor, a working Blacksmith, John J. Roth (architect), Atascadero Mutual Water Company (first business in Atascadero), Agriculture/Apples, Mercantile, Atascadero News outlet, Diner, Red Cross, Barbershop, and Federated church  (heart of service for the community).  It also boasts a stage, residences, and a very active games area.  The Atascadero Printery Foundation sponsors a recreation of the Atascadero News with information and examples of printing styles and machines used in the early 1900s.

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