Atascadero Printery Projects

We are busy here at the printery with a lot of different projects.  Keep up with our progress here, and feel free to ask about volunteer opportunities!

Current Projects

Karate Studio Demolition

The old Karate studio has to go.  It has been falling down for years, and is threatening to take the rest of the building with it.  In it’s place we will build the new theater addition!

Shoring The Building

The earthquake in 2003 left the building a little unstable.  Before we can do any major work inside, we need to shore up the walls and make the building safe to occupy.

The Outdoor Stage

Plans are being drawn for an outdoor stage in the location of the old skate park.  We plan to fundraise and begin construction as soon as possible so we can start to host outdoor events and begin to realize our goals of bringing more performing arts to Atascadero!

The Grand Entryway

The once-grand entrance to the Printery needs a bit of restoration work inside and out.   Many of the original tapestries are intact and safe, but need some additional attention.  Refinishing walls, floors, and design elements will help give a proper greeting to guests as they enter the Printery building.

Window Restoration

The Printery has a few dozen fantastic windows, most of which look out onto the grounds of the neighboring schools.  An effort is underway to restore the window frames and replace the current boarded-up facade with good looking, functional windows.

Printery Workday Projects

There are always tasks to do at the Printery, outside of the major projects listed here.  Keeping the property safe, clean, and in good repair is a major focus.

Completed Projects

Corner Repair (completed)

The repair of the West Mall corners is COMPLETE!

The giant cracks caused by the 2003 Earthquake are mended and the two sides are secured together. This was a major repair needed to keep the walls intact. We thank Boydston Masonry for their generous help

Are there other projects at the Printery you would like to suggest?

Would you like to lend a hand?


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