Standing Strong Together – Giving Thanks

May 2020


Giving Tuesday Now is a new global day of giving and unity taking place today!    It is an opportunity for the world to come together to thank, to give, to help, and to heal. We want to take this opportunity to thank all who are on the front lines keeping us safe and supplied with our essentials.   We also want to thank all who have supported the Printery Foundation with donations and help. Historic places are touchstones of a community, evidence of the resilience of all who are a part.  

To show our strength as a community, we are kicking off a month long event to decorate the Printery site with individual artwork and letters of Thanks.  Coloring sheets for creativity/inspiration and/more information is available at or pick up copies at the Printery, 6351 Olmeda Avenue.   Hang your creations at the Printery or return via email to or post to our Facebook at  ://


Thank you for joining in – Standing Strong Together!


 Printable Coloring Pages:

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